Public information

Public procurement

Disclosed are data regarding the request of Eesti Kontsert (registry code 90012596) to conclude procurement contracts, the estimated cost of which is lower than the public procurement threshold (clause 15 (1) 2) and subsection 16 (6) of the Public Procurement Act).

Procurement procedures with an estimated cost higher than the public procurement threshold can be found at by searching for Eesti Kontsert.

Personnel policy

It is important for us to have professional employees today as well as in the future.

We care about our employees and treat them respectfully and fairly.

We develop our employees.

It is important for us to have strong and professional leaders.

Personnel strategy 2016–2019

We are a diverse and results-oriented concert organisation. We are an esteemed, socially responsible, and reliable employer. Our employees are dedicated and efficient.

Our competitive advantage is the capability to produce high-quality concerts and our professional employees. We take care of the success and sustainability of our organisation through systematic long-term planning and development of our personnel.

Our team consists of people who can be characterised by our values: creativity, internationalisation, capability, responsibility, reputation, teamwork.


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