Sir András Schiff (piano)

  • Saturday, 3.12
  • 19:00
  • Tallinn, Estonia kontserdisaal
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Sir András Schiff (piano)


During the difficult pandemic period, I often wondered how to refresh my music life and how and what to do differently. Let’s be honest, at the moment, the concerts consist of a lot of conventionalities, expectations, stereotypes, and also routines. It’s not nice because that makes everything sound the same. But where is the curiosity, the thirst for adventure, the imagination? Where are the surprises?

For example, piano evenings. We, the pianists, are expected to present the details of the programs several months or even years in advance. This is a major source of stress. How can I tell in advance what will speak to me in a few years, seven months, and four days? It depends on so many factors – the acoustics of the hall, the piano, and also my own mood.

It is much easier to decide what will be performed only at the concert venue and to lead the audience closer to the program with a few explanatory sentences. This kind of communication with the audience is special, and our experience will be shared. We need to respect and trust each other.

The audience must know that they will hear only the best and that my preparation is top-notch. In return, I expect intelligence and sensitivity from the audience. In this way (as one of the many possibilities) we get an unforgettable experience together from the concert.

Sir András Schiff


Hungarian pianist Sir András Schiff is a timeless superstar of classical performances, one of the most welcomed artists performing in concert halls in major cities around the world. The highly sensuous and soulful interpretation has brought Schiff numerous awards, including the Grammy Award (1990), the Gramophone Award (1990 and 1991), and the International Classical Music Award (2012 and 2015). For decades, he has played himself to the absolute top of the world of pianism, and each of his concerts is a long-awaited event.

Sir András Schiff gave one concert in 2019 to the full house in the Estonia Concert Hall. He really liked our hall, its acoustics, sound, and atmosphere. The experience of that time inspired him to return, and this time we can hear the repertoire that the piano artist considers best to perform in this hall and at this moment – music that speaks to him and the audience in these current circumstances and moments. So, let’s give muses a chance to touch our souls and our sense of beauty!

In terms of instruments, Schiff is extremely demanding. He performs only on personal pianos and individual instruments that he has approved. Each piano has a special sound and character, and Schiff chooses a specific instrument based on the concert repertoire. The pianos travel around Europe according to the performance schedule, and the personal piano master travels together with the valuable instruments.

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