Pärnu Opera Days

4–6 July 2024
Pärnu Concert Hall

Pärnu Opera Days is a meeting place for opera lovers. In the hall with one of the best acoustics in Estonia, you can see and hear musical theaters from around the world performing on Estonian stages for the first time. The festival features at least one opera that has never been performed before or has been rarely seen in our halls.

The guest of the 2024 Pärnu Opera Days is the Klaipėda State Music Theatre. The company has been operating over three decades and staged more than hundred productions in different genres of music theatre. Klaipėda State Music Theatre both supports young artists providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves, and collaborates with acknowledged artists and international creative teams.

The Pärnu Opera Days presents Gaetano Donizetti’s “The Regiment’s Daughter” and the “The Bear” by Lithuanian composer Bronius Kutavičius. Traditionally, the festival culminates with a festive opera gala and dinner.

Festivali kontserdid

  • Pärnu (6)
  • Tartu (4)
  • Tallinn (12)
  • Jõhvi (1)
  • Haapsalu (15)
  • Kuressaare (10)
  • Pärnu kontserdimaja (6)
  • Vanemuise kontserdimaja (4)
  • Tallinna Metodisti kirik (1)
  • Väravatorn (6)
  • Estonia kontserdisaal (5)
  • Jõhvi kontserdimaja (1)
  • Uuemõisa mõis (1)
  • Haapsalu toomkirik (4)
  • Haapsalu raudteejaam (1)
  • Villa Friedheim (2)
  • Haapsalu linnuse väike hoov (2)
  • Haapsalu raekoda (2)
  • Haapsalu kuursaali kõlakoda (1)
  • Haapsalu kultuurikeskus (1)
  • Haapsalu kultuurikeskuse rõdusaal (1)
  • Kuressaare lossi ooperimaja (7)
  • Kuressaare lossi kesköösalong (1)
  • Kuressaare lossihoovi kesköösalong (2)
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