Finale of ‘The Music of Seven Cities’

  • Sunday, 15.07
  • 18:00
  • Jõhvi, Jõhvi kontserdimaja



Jiuming Shen (China, piano)

Haydn. Variations in F minor, Hob.XVII:6
Schumann. Kreisleriana, op 16
Scriabin. Sonata No 5, op 53

Jiuming Shen started playing the piano at the age of five. In the period between 2002 and 2008, he attended the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China. In 2008, he was awarded a full scholarship for studying at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, USA, from which he graduated in 2013 with a Baccalaureate degree as a soloist. Then he studied at the Colburn School in Los Angeles, where he was awarded an artist’s diploma in 2015. Next, he was granted a scholarship for attending Juilliard in New York, where he was trained by Matti Raekallio. He graduated Julliard with a Master’s degree in 2017.

Jiuming Shen has performed as a soloist for the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra in China, for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and for the Colburn Orchestra in Los Angeles. He has performed as a soloist at the Carnegie Hall in New York City, in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, at Kurowski Palace, in Tarnow, Poland, and at the Shanghai Conservatory. He has also performed in the Netherlands, England, Germany, and Japan. In 2015, he donated the proceeds from his solo performances to the Dalian Culture Club in China, which founded the Jiuming Shen Foundation to support young musicians. He has been named as one of the ten most important young artists in China who were born after 1990. Jiuming was invited to perform as a soloist at the third Chinese Int, the finale of the Boya Piano Festival at the Suzhou stadium with an audience of over 7,000 people. In 2017, he performed with the Harbin Symphony Orchestra in Harbin Hall.

In 2015, Jiuming Shen won the bronze medal in an international competition in San José. He was among the top ten in the Ima Hogg Houston Symphony contest and among the finalists of the Philadelphia Orchestra Greenfield 2010. He has also been among the 24 quarter finalists at the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition in Utrecht on two occasions (2011 and 2014), won the gold medal at the 6th Chinese Music Awards, and won the 2nd International Piano Competition of Gulangya in Amoy, China.

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