Tormis. “Rune 17 of the Kalevala”

  • Choir music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Tormis. “Rune XVII of the Kalevala” for male choir, soloists and folk instruments
T. Kõrvits. “Triptych of the Moon” (premiere)

Rune XVII of the Kalevala (1985/1994) (Vipuses käimine) is like a choral symphony, a large form with a dramatic, rising tension characteristic of Veljo Tormis. The work was commissioned by the Estonian National Male Choir in 1985 for a tour in Finland. “The whole idea of the rune could be symbolic for us: Väinämöinen managed to revive eternal basic knowledge, deeper understandings of ancient sense of life, and draw wisdom and strength from them.”(Veljo Tormis, 1985).

The new piece by Tõnu Kõrvits is a joint gift of the Estonian Concert and the composer to the Estonian National Male Choir on the occasion of their 75th anniversary.