Sturm und Drang

  • Wednesday, 12.01
  • 19:00
  • Jõhvi, Jõhvi kontserdimaja
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Kreete Perandi (French horn)
Jaan Ots (piano)
Featuring Priit Volmer (bass, Estonian National Opera)
Poems are read by young actors Jan Ehrenberg and Kristiin Räägel


Schumann. Adagio and Allegro op. 70
Schubert. “Ständchen” (Serenade) D 889
Schubert. „Erlkönig“ (“The Erlking”), “Gruppe aus dem Tartarus” (“Group from Tartarus”)
Schumann. “Three Romances” op. 94
Schubert. “An die Musik”

The era of Sturm und Drang is a youthful and romantic outburst of enthusiasm in the 18th century, the currents of which have brought us a lot of emotional literature, music, and art. This time, it is music and poetry on the concert stage.

The young actors will read the poetry of the Sturm and Drang era, and young musicians will perform the music of the same era.

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