Night concert. KOMOREBI 木 漏れ日

  • Thursday, 18.05
  • 21:00
  • Tallinn, Estonia kontserdisaal
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Aino Peltomaa (vocals, medieval harp / Finland)
Harmen Fraanje (piano / Netherlands)
Mikko Perkola (viola da gamba and electronics / Finland)

Dreamlike sound landscapes which have been inspired by medieval melodies.

A trio which is formed of Peltomaa, Fraanje and Perkola entwine the human voice, the piano, the viola da gamba, and the medieval harp, while also managing to add a dose of electronic effects. The different musical backgrounds which are provided by the members of the trio include influences from early music, jazz, folk music, and modern music, all of which serve to create the basis for an individual and unique world of sound.

The creative work of trio includes a journey through the work of Hildegard von Bingen (AD 1098-1179), Perotin (seventeenth century), and pilgrim songs from the beginning of the fourteenth century, adding modestly improvisational parts and taking the audience on a trip towards peace and inner balance.

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