My Music. Rein Rannap

  • Friday, 13.10
  • 19:00
  • Pärnu, Pärnu kontserdimaja
  • Vocal music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Ellerhein Girls Choir
Estonian National Male Choir
Mari Kalkun (vocal)
Riivo Kallasmaa (oboe)
Rein Rannap (keyboard instruments)
Chamber orchestra – Kristjan Järvi Ensemble
Conductor Kristjan Järvi 


Works for the choir and orchestra  

“Cantus Borealis” (première) 


The grandiose birthday concert introduces the academic side of Estonian composer Rein Rannap. His pieces from different decades will be played, including the cantatas “The Moon” and “The Blue-Black-White of Your Eyes”, “The lament”, “Ancient Spells”, and Concerto grosso in un movimento. A new cantata which binds a Sami joik, a vocal symphonic ensemble, and various keyboard and percussion instrument, is the cherry on the birthday cake.  

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