Jakob Peäske (bassoon) Mikk Langeproon (accordion) Henry Zibo (accordion)

  • Thursday, 15.02
  • 19:00
  • Pärnu, Pärnu kontserdimaja



Jakob Peäske (bassoon)
Mikk Langeproon (accordion)
Henry Zibo (accordion)

Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mussorgsky, Rääts, Langeproon ao.

Work of art: Aleksander Grinev, ‘Paljukäeline tantsijanna’ (‘The Many- Handed Dancer’, 1927)Introduction by an art historian: Kerttu Männiste

In co-operation with Kadriorg Art Museum

Students of Tallinn Music High School, young men who deserve special attention, as they know how to win over an audience with not the most popular of instruments.
It is difficult to imagine the soundscape of this evening – this is how special it is going to be! One thing is for certain: there will be lots of fantasy and humour.

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