Evening’s beauty

  • Tuesday, 28.11
  • 19:00
  • Tallinn, Tallinna Jaani kirik



Chamber choir Collegium Musicale
Estonian Sinfonietta
Conductors Endrik Üksvärav ( in Tallinn) and Markus Leppoja (in Tartu)

Concert series „Oratorio“
Republic of Estonia 100: Anniversary of declaring the Estonian Provincial Assembly as the supreme authority.

Bach. Chorale „Jesus bleibet meine Freude“ BWV 147
Uusberg. „Õhtu ilu“ (‘Evening’s beauty’)
Vivaldi. „Gloria“

Concert is dedicated to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the 100th birthday of the Republic of Estonia.

On 28 November 1917, the Estonian Provincial Assembly declared itself as the supreme authority in the land until the democratic election of the Constituent Assembly. This decision was the first major step towards Estonian sovereignty. Two significant works will be performed on the 100th anniversary of this important event: „Õhtu Ilu“ („Evening’s Beauty“) for a mixed choir and string orchestra by young Estonian composer Pärt Uusberg, written in his characteristically romantic style, and Antonio Vivaldi’s renowned „Gloria“. Both works convey a portrait of the young artist of their time, complementing one another superbly.

„To me, “Evening’s Beauty” is as if a summary of a longer process, which started when I sang under my mother’s direction in Riinimanda’s choirs and fell in love with choral music, and has continuously progressed into the musical situation which I experience today. In its own way, “Evenings Beauty” is a song of gratitude to childhood“.
Pärt Uusberg

The central work of the evening – Vivaldi’s „Gloria“ – soothes the soul by uniting the balance of Baroque with Vivaldi’s unique glistening style and joy of life, to form one of the brightest and most cheerful choral symphonies.

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