Eesti Kontsert end-of-season concert. Bach Against the Machine. DAGAMBA

  • Thursday, 2.05
  • 19:00
  • Pärnu, Pärnu kontserdimaja
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Bach Against the Machine DAGAMBA:
Valters Pūce (cello, composer)
Dainis Tenis (piano, composer)
Antons Trocjuks (cello)
Artūrs Jermaks (drums)
Alise Broka (double bass)

Concerts by the Latvian ensemble Dagamba, have been received exceptionally warmly in Estonia. It should also be mentioned that they have performed at home in Latvia as real superstars on stadium stages. Their popularity arises from their ability to join the worlds of classical and pop music. Dagamba concerts tend to attract listeners who are awed by their virtuous performance, rock-like energy, and the timeless touch of classic music. The latest record by Dagamba and the “Bach Against the Machine” reached audiences in spring 2023 and is gaining momentum on European concert stages.

The programme has been inspired by the heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach, as well as by the influential American rock band Rage Against the Machine. As always, Dagamba attempts to bring together what at first glance cannot be joined. The ensemble’s core is formed by the highly esteemed classic cellists and childhood friends Valters Pūce and Antons Trocjuks. Today, Dagamba has positioned itself at the crossroads of world music, rock, pop, and classical music.

Concert is without intermission, duration 1 hour 45 min.

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