Concert series “Matinee”: „Hymn of Praise“

  • Sunday, 4.11
  • 16:00
  • Tallinn, Estonia kontserdisaal
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Mixed Choir HUIK!
Uus Tänav Orchestra
Arete Kerge (soprano)
Tuuri Dede (mezzosoprano)
Mehis Tiits (tenor)
Conductor Kaspar Mänd

Mendelssohn. Symphony- Cantata  „Hymn of Praise“ (“Lobgesang”) op. 52

After creating the supremely popular ‘Italian’ symphony and a seven-year break, Mendelssohn returned to the genre of symphony and called his new piece a cantata-symphony named „Hymn of Praise“. The work is dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the invention of the printing press, praising the new era in human history that started with this event. Right after its première, the work became very well-known. It was one of the composer’s most popular pieces during his lifetime. With this work, Mendelssohn follows the structure of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, his revered role model, where the three instrumental parts are followed by a magnificent choral finale.

The Uus Tänav Orchestra started activity in 2016 and consists mainly of students and alumni of the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy and Georg Ots Music High School. The art director and leader of the Orchestra is conductor Kaspar Mänd, who has also lead the mixed choir HUIK!, famous for its size and power among Estonian choirs. Kaspar Mänd combines two of his lead collectives and the result is an elated performance of the composer’s energetic music from young professionals.

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