Concert series “Curioosum” Psychedelics of science and art Anna Kaneelina

  • Wednesday, 27.11
  • 19:00
  • Tallinn, Vaba Lava
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Anna Kaneelina (vocal)
Erki Pärnoja (guitar)
Joel-Rasmus Remmel (keyboards)
Peedu Kass (double bass)
Ahto Abner (drums)
String quartet Prezioso
Mattias Vihmann (Frech horn)
Lisa Kawasaki (flute)
Photos by Heiti Paves (science photographer)
Video by Alyona Movko
Musical arrangements by Raun Juurikas

Concert series “Curioosum”
Psychedelics of science and art
Anna Kaneelina

Singer and songwriter Anna Kaneelina is like an urban magician who is not afraid to share her inner world – she is charming in her vulnerability and earthly savagery. Her voice has been described as the voice of a crier in a desert filled with a power of fragility. Anna Kaneelina music mixes magic with depth – it’s an ethereal pop with toxic effect.

The acclaimed debut album released in early 2019 is set to be performed in a new way – the music will be played in special arrangement and the band will be enriched with a sound of 6-member chamber ensemble. This will give listeners the opportunity to experience music through a new prism, as instead of the usual 5-member band, there will be 11 musicians on stage – all adding new energy and layers to the music.

Anna Kaneelina’s music is very organic and emotionally colourful.

Renowned video artist Alyona Movko uses micro-photos of microorganisms by science photographer and neurobiologist Heiti Paves to create concert visuals to support the feeling of a music. In this way, science, music, and video psychedelia merge into one living organism.

The musical arrangements are made by Raun Juurikas, a composer with an original and recognisable soundscape.

The concert is supported by Telliskivi Creative City

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