Brazilian Carnival Show

  • Friday, 8.03
  • 19:00
  • Tartu, Vanemuise kontserdimaja
  • IMPRESARIO LTD. OGRES 5-4 Riga Latvia


Winter in South America is a time for carnival and hence, what could be more exciting than a colourful and fiery Brazilian carnival in the middle of winter. Indeed, this unique show with plenty of musicians, dancers and drummers in Estonia will take place within the framework of a luxurious Brazilian carnival on the day of all lovers, on 14 February, at Alexela Concert Hall and at the evening of March 8 at Vanemise Concert Hall

Brazilian carnival show is a mixture of cultures, sounds, colours and rhythms. The mega hit of all Latin American parties ‘Lambada’ by band ‘Kaoma’, favourite hit ‘Mas que nada’ by pop band ‘Black Eyed Peas’ which was originally performed by Carmen Miranda in 1940, and all-time favourite soundtrack from the popular Disney cartoon ‘Real in Rio’ are just some of musical pieces that will fire up the emotions of show’s visitors. The leader and vocalist of the band, Rodriga Manfrinatti, Rafael Nascimento and other musicians from South America have come together in a unique project to show the culture of their countries and diversity, splendour and emotional vibe of their traditions.

Other participants of this unique Brazilian carnival are the amazing samba style percussionist group made of several drummers who play Afro-Brazilian rhythms on authentic Brazilian drums, like samba, samba-reggae, maracatu, samba-funk, candomble and others. A group of percussionists with their loud and invigorating sound as well as synchronous movement brings an air of Brazilian favelas and joy here in Estonia and they will charge the emotional ‘batteries’ of the audience.

And, of course, a good Brazilian carnival must have gorgeous and fiery Brazilian dancers under the lead of dashing Vanessa Rufino, Mailevis Ortega and passionate Roka Broski. Powerful choreography combined with majestic costumes bring graciousness and authenticity to the entire show.

International concert show team promises to create a real festival just like in Rio de Janeiro carnival. To see their show is just like going on a trip to the Brazilian carnival.

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