Beauty of the Beat. Debut concert of Estonian percussion quartet

  • Wednesday, 6.10
  • 19:00
  • Pärnu, Pärnu kontserdimaja
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Karl Johann Lattikas
Tanel-Eiko Novikov
Lauri Metsvahi
Tiit Joamets

Aurél Holló. „Jose / beFore John 5“
Lauri Metsvahi. „Track 34“
David Hildebrandt. „Boeffer“
Thierry de Mey. „Table Music“
Pius Cheung. „Tesla’s Harmony“
Pärt Uusberg. „Sina …“ (esiettekanne)
Nebojša Jovan Živković. „Trio per Uno“
Peter Martin. „Bend“
Lauri Metsvahi /Argo Vals. “Tsichier”
Minoru Miki. “Marimba Spiritual”

There are many instruments and sounds on stage – from virtuoso, fast-rhythmic runs on drums to beautifully soft, meditative sounds on marimba and vibraphone. The show element and lighting design are also integral parts of the concert.

Pärt Uusberg: “You – I think it is an interesting word that contains a lot. In the case of this composition, my thoughts were primarily driven by thinking of you as blueness, color; there is a lot of blueness around us all the time … on the other hand, striving for something higher (You with a capital letter also often means the Creator/God), but maybe for someone, some person is the important “You.”

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