VALTER SOOSALU (harpejji, piano, vocals)

  • Sunday, 3.07
  • 15:00
  • Illuka, Illuka kirik
  • SA Eesti Kontsert Jõhvi kontserdimaja


Valter Soosalu has worked as a conductor and choirmaster of several choirs. Since 2018, he has been conducting the Chamber Choir Kolm Lindu, and since January 2020, he has been the chief conductor of the Male Choir of Tallinn University of Technology. Soosalu is also a keyboardist and singer in the ensemble Põhja Konn. This year, Valter’s Harpejji Band, which is increasingly welcome on concert stages, was born.
“My working life has always been diverse as a result of unstable nature and happy coincidences,” says Valter, whose hobby of playing harpejji, which began three years ago, now takes up almost half his time.
Harpejji is an electric instrument developed in 2007 by American sound engineer Tim Meeks. Its playing technique and sound are like a symbiosis of guitar and keyboard. It is still a rare and uncommon instrument today. Since March 2020, Valter Soosalu has been a representative artist of Marcodi Musical Products, a harpejji producer, who organizes training and instrument demonstrations with an international reach on his Youtube channel.

Ticket € 5

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