‘So Perfect’

  • Saturday, 7.07
  • 19:00
  • Narva-Jõesuu, Nooruse spaa



Birgit Sarrap (vocals)
Peter Põder (guitar)

Birgit Sarrap’s journey as a singer began ten years ago when she won the most important talent show in Estonia, ‘Eesti otsib superstaari’. Birgit has twice been awarded the title of best female artist at the Estonian Music Awards gala. She has also won two Kuldne Plaat music awards in Estonia, has participated successfully in several television shows, has represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest, and has performed all over Estonia. Birgit has recorded four albums with a new one about to be released in September 2018. The programme for this concert includes nice summer music from Estonia and abroad and, naturally, the best pieces from Birgit’s own repertoire.

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