Night violins

  • Friday, 16.06
  • 23:00
  • Haapsalu, Haapsalu Jaani kirik
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Triin Ruubel, Birgit Katriin Born, Joosep Reimaa, Triinu Piirsalu (violins)
Kaija Lukas, Hanna-Maria Semper (violas)
Levi-Danel Mägila, Theodor Sink (cello)
Eda Peäske (harp)

Mendelssohn. String Octet in E-flat major Op. 20
Mahler. Adagietto

Felix Mendelssohn was only sixteen years old when he composed his exceptional masterpiece. It is not a typical double quartet though – all performers in this composition are individual soloists. This fact, along with the level of complexity of the piece, always make Mendelssohn’s octet a unique musical feast.

Also, the beloved Adagietto from the fifth symphony of Gustav Mahler is being performed in chamber arrangement.

This special ensemble of performers consists of young Estonian string instrument players who have learned their trade in various corners of the world. Their love for music making and the best music education available in Europe have set the stage for an exceptional performance.

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