Estonian forest poetry from Juhan Liiv to Wimberg

  • Saturday, 10.07
  • 17:30
  • Ida-Virumaa, Mäetaguse mõisa hoov



Duo Tõnu Timm – Jaanus Nõgisto, Wimberg

The ensemble Ruja has not existed for a quarter of a century – the ensemble Jäääär is more than a quarter of a hundred years old. However, the duo of guitarists Jaanus Nõgisto & Tõnu Timm, who have hardened in this ensemble, is quite young. Although they cannot hide their handwriting from an expert, the goal of men is to do something completely different – those who have heard them say that they have succeeded. There is no other known mandolin and Hawaiian guitar duos in the world.
Jaak Urmet (with the writer’s pseudonym Wimberg, born on January 30, 1979, in Saku) is an Estonian writer, screenwriter, and critic.

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