Music and the waves of the brain

  • Wednesday, 4.05
  • 19:00
  • Tartu, Vanemuise kontserdimaja
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Irina Zahharenkova (piano)
Elizabeth Sillo (vocals, BBC National Chorus of Wales)
Dr Nick Tsarouchas (Clinical Neuropsychologist, University of Kent, University of London)

Chopin, Gregorian chant, Bach, Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky
Jõeleht. “Stella matutina”

Piano pieces and vocal works, from Gregorian chant and piece of baroque through Viennese classics, romanticism, and expressionism to a new balance – new simplicity. An experiment in which a neuroscientist shows the response of a musician’s and a listener’s brain to the music of different eras and different emotional charges.  

What then is the difference between making and receiving music? An EEG device (a device for measuring the bioelectrical activity of the brain) will visualize brain activities of both the performer and the member of the audience. The diagrams will be commented by Dr. Nick Tsarouchas – the leader of NASA’s brain research program who is both one of the leaders in biometric brain research and most highly qualified neurophysiologists in the UK.  

The same concert programme will take place at the University of Kent, and its results will be used in the treatment plan of the University of Kent Hospital.  

In cooperation with Tallinn University


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