Soleo „Music in Motion“

  • Tuesday, 19.11
  • 12:00
  • Jõhvi, Jõhvi kontserdimaja
  • Kids
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Sophie Boucher: body instrument, bass guitar, guitar, voice
Sébastien LeGuénanff: body instrument, piano, voice
Julien Vasnier: body instrument, kalimba, voice
Music: Soleo artists
Choreography: Thomas Guerry
Sound: Benoît Chabert d’Hières
Light: Bérénice Giraud
Production: Les Entêtés Production

A gripping and spirited show of body instruments from France!

There are three young artists on the stage who are simultaneously composers and multi-instrumentalists. It is a party of body rhythms, oscillations, special sounds, keyboards and guitars, accompanied by frenzy and humor. It is a dramatized musical performance where music and movement, laughter and incredible miracles meet.

Duration: 50 min

Age: 6+


The concert will take place in the framework of the Children and Youth Music Festival Big Bang Tallinn!

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