Concert series “Love Letters”: T.Nugis (baritone), K.Rokashevich (piano), M.Martin (piano), A.Lamp

  • Friday, 6.12
  • 19:00
  • Tartu, Vanemuise kontserdimaja
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Tamar Nugis (baritone)
Kristiina Rokashevich (piano)
Marko Martin (piano)
Love Letters are read by Anu Lamp

Concert series “Love Letters”
„Robert, Clara, and Johannes“

Works of Schumann and Brahms for piano and solo voice with accompaniment.

The emotional whirlpool around Schumann and the young Brahms also gave momentum to the birth of the music that is enjoyed independently of time and circumstances. It is known that piano pieces written by Brahms for four hands have been created with the intention of allowing a young Brahms to sit near the woman he adored while making music together.

Clara Schumann had almost all her love letters to Brahms destroyed because she probably figured already then that her diary might one day get published.

Therefore, all that is known about this secret liaison has been obtained from Brahms’ few preserved letters to Clarale: “The summer with you was divine, I will never forget it …” And a few days later: “Would you please send me a greeting telegram every morning, that would make me happy for the entire day./ -/I will no longer be able to survive without you. ”

The concert series “Love Letters” brings to the listeners the emotional and emotional journeys known from the history of music, thanks to which a lot of outstanding music has been created in the world.

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