For visitors


Reminder for a safe concert visit

Eesti Kontsert wants to offer the audience, above all, a great musical experience, but also a safe visit to the concert. In our activities, we abide by the laws in force and the recommendations of the Health Board.

* If possible, please buy concert tickets online (Piletimaailm or Piletilevi).

* Please come in on time and keep a sufficient distance with other visitors during the intermission and after leaving the hall.

* Please disinfect your hands when entering the concert hall; the means are next to the door.

*We ask our audiences to consider wearing a face mask during this concert season. Personal protective equipment is available at the concert halls free of charge.

* If you are ill, feel unwell, or have come into contact with a person who has arrived from abroad, it is not safe or allowed to come to the concert.

Each of us can make a small contribution to preventing the spread of the coronavirus anonymously, securely and privately. That is how we can largely continue our habitual life.

Thank you!


Estonia Concert Hall has no car park for visitors. The nearest car parks are located in Viru and Solaris shopping centres.

In the centre of Tallinn, parking is for a fee around the clock.
Additional information about parking on the streets of Tallinn is available at

Special parking spots are available near the car park next to Tammsaare Park for people who have purchased a ticket.
The maximum parking time is 15 minutes and you will need to use a parking clock.

Vanemuine Concert Hall does not have a car park. The city of Tartu organises the parking: you will need to pay for parking from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on working days; from 6 p.m. and on weekends, parking is free.

There are 30 parking spaces in front of Pärnu Concert Hall, which are free for audience members during events. When no events are taking place, parking in the concert hall car park is free for 1 hour with a parking disc. You can also park in the car parks of the nearby shopping centres and the Pärnu city centre. In the city centre of Pärnu, parking is free on working days from 6 p.m. and on weekends.

Parking is free in front of Jõhvi Concert Hall.

Internal procedure rules

We wish for you to have a lovely time at our concerts. Therefore, we have written down a few rules that we ask you to follow in our concert halls:
* Latecomers are not allowed in the hall; if possible, they are directed to the balcony
* Please leave your overcoats in the coat check
* Filming and taking photographs are forbidden without prior agreement
* No pets are allowed in the concert hall
* No objects that could endanger yourself and others are allowed in the concert hall
* Our concert hall premises are non-smoking areas

For visitors with special needs

You can access the Estonia Concert Hall with a wheelchair through the White Hall of the Estonian National Opera.
Please notify us before your arrival at 614 7771.

You can access the Vanemuine Concert Hall with a wheelchair from the entrance on the side of the library.

You can access the Pärnu Concert Hall with a wheelchair from the main entrance. Please use the lift left of the coat check (by the stairs) to reach the hall. You can ask a customer service employee for help and information.

In Jõhvi Concert Hall, customer service employees will help visitors in wheelchairs.

Ticket sales in ticket booths

* From the ticket booths of Eesti Kontsert, you can purchase tickets for all events sold on the sales network of Piletilevi and Piletimaailm.
* One hour before a concert, only tickets to the upcoming concert are sold in the ticket booths of the concert hall.
* You can pay for your tickets in cash or by card.
* Tickets will not be bought back or exchanged (except for when the concert is cancelled or the performer changes).
* Ticket booths do not book tickets.
* PDF tickets bought online cannot be exchanged for paper tickets.
* Please check your tickets and money before leaving the booth. Subsequent complaints will not be resolved.