Triinu Piirsalu (violin), Toomas Oskar Kahur (tuba)

  • Triinu Piirsalu (viiul)
    Toomas Oskar Kahur (tuuba)
    Lea Leiten (klaver)
  • Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Bach, Beethoven, Ernst, F.Strauss, Saint-Saëns, Lemba, Mägi, Piazzolla

Classical stars Triinu Piirsalu and Toomas Oskar Kahur will take to the stage after a busy summer of concerts and delight the concert audience, inspire their supporters and themselves. The concert program offers both display of virtuoso fireworks and unforgettable melodies. The young performers will be accompanied by pianist Lea Leiten, who has won the awards as the best concertmaster at many competitions.