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Holiday music

  • Saturday, 26.12
  • 19:00
  • Tallinn, Estonia Concert Hall
  • Annely Peebo (mezzo-soprano)
    Quintet of Estonian National Opera Boys' Choir (Pärnu, 25.12)
    Riivo Jõgi (piano) (Pärnu, 25.12)
    VieVox Vocal Ensemble (Austria) (Tallinn 26.12, Tartu 27.12, Jõhvi 28.12)
    Pantelis Polychronidis (piano) (Tallinn 26.12, Tartu 27.12, Jõhvi 28.12)

  • SA Eesti Kontsert


The concert features music from the Viennese classics, Viennese waltzes along with some of the world’s most famous Christmas hits, as well as Estonian music.

Members of the vocal group VieVox are all former members of the famous Vienna Boys’ Choir. Annely Peebo and VieVox have performed together before. For the first time, however, VieVox will be in front of the Estonian audience during the Christmas Music Tour of 25-28. December, in concert halls all over Estonia, bringing with them Viennese inspired holiday mood.


Schedule of performances