International Women’s Day concert Vocal ensemble TENORS Un LIMITED (Great Britain)

  • Vocal ensemble TENORS Un LIMITED (Great Britain) - Scott Ciscon, Paul Martin, Jem Sharples Graeme Taylor (piano), also ETV Girls´Choir, conductor Aarne Saluveer


    enchanting arias, serenades, love songs

    TENORS Un LIMITED was founded in 2002 with the goal of bringing something new to popular classical music – something characteristic of 21st century tenors. The ensemble’s repertoire is a clever
    combination of classical opera and musical theatre numbers interlaced with the performers’ original compositions. Indeed, the artists’ own music has since become instrumental to winning the hearts of
    audiences all over the world. Each concert features an entertaining show accompanied by a compulsory
    number – the romantic serenade ‘on one knee with a rose in the mouth’ – sung for a lady chosen from the audience.

    The group’s collaborations include the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sting, Katherine Jenkins, and Lionel Richie.
    ’Amazing! … like swimming in a tub of champagne!’ (The Sun)
    ’Explosive joy from the opera!’ (Aberdeen Express)