MustonenFest. Eitan Steinberg. “Sod Hakavana”

  • Chamber choir Collegium Musicale
    Chamber choir Voces Musicales
    Chamber Choir of the University of Tartu
    Ellerhein Girls’ Choir and Ellerhein Children’s Choir (Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo)
    The Percussion Ensemble of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
    Conductor Andres Mustonen
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Eitan Steinberg. “Sod Ha’kavana” for three children’s choirs, three mixed choirs, and a percussion ensemble (premiere in Estonia)

Eitan Steinberg is a modern Israeli composer whose musical style is characterised as unique and hypnotic. His “Sod Ha’kavana” is composed in vocal cycles with texts from very different sources: traditional Hasidic texts, medieval Jewish liturgical poetry, modern poetry by Hebraic, English, and German poets. The texts are delivered in their original languages and they touch on such eternal topics as love, prayer, spirituality, etc. The piece ends with all singers reciting the Declaration of Human Rights in their native language.