“Between Earth and Heaven”

  • Thursday, 21.11
  • 17:00-17.00
  • Jõhvi, Jõhvi Concert Hall
  • Mari Jürjens (song, guitar)
    Robert Jürjendal (guitar, live electronics)
    Liis Viira (harp, live electronics)
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


The light between the earth and the heaven just glows and glitters, the luminosity rises, and the wind carries the iridescence so that it could reach everywhere, in every place. Between the earth and the heaven, I fly and collect the rays, light into every day … and some is also left for the night. (Liis Viira “Between Earth and Heaven”)

Mari Jürjens is a freelance actor, songwriter and singer. She has released three solo albums with original pieces: her debut “22” (2010), “The Earth reaches the Heaven” (2013) and “27” (2016).

“Music has always been mystical and free for me. That’s why I never wanted to look at it too closely. I have tried to keep it a secret for myself so that I could to discover it over and over again. Music gives me the chance to be really honest.”

Liis Viira is a versatile creator whose interests can be divided into three directions – composition and improvisation, classical interpretation on the harp and the creation of combining sound and moving pictures (animation). Liis’s action as a harp player ranges from solo concerts and improvisation to orchestral play.

Robert Jürjendal is a guitarist and composer whose works include melodious chamber and choral music, experimental progressive rock intertwined with electronics, and ambient jazz, film and theater music.

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