Urmas Sisask 60

  • Siiri Sisask (vocals)
    Urmas Sisask (piano, pipe-instrument)
    Marcel Johannes Kits (cello)
    Kaido Out (violin)
    Egmont Välja, Johannes Välja, Rudolf Välja, Tobias Välja (cellos)
    Tiiu Sisask (piano)
    Pärnu City Orchestra
    Conductor Aivo Välja

  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Sisask. Cello Concerto “Black Hole M-87” op. 161 (2019, world premiere)
Sisask. “Pleiades” op. 11
Sisask. “Naage Symphony” op. 164 (2020, world premiere)

Urmas Sisask is a rare phenomenon – a composer interested in astronomy, whose music is based on the numerical connections between celestial bodies and pitches.

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