MustonenFest “Ave Maria“

  • Latvian Orthodox Church Male Choir Logos (Riga)
    Artistic director priest Ioanne Shenrock
    Hortus Musicus
    Artistic director Andres Mustonen

  • Choir music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Russian and Jewish Orthodox music

The male choir was founded on the initiative of the priest Ioanne Shenrock, who from the 1990s began to create and develop a choir dedicated to Orthodox music. In November 2013, the choir was transformed into the male choir of the Latvian Orthodox Church and received a new breath. Today, 13 dedicated musicians sing in the choir.

The name of the choir – Logos (the Greek word meaning a thought, teaching) – is deeply symbolic. With the help of words, the choir tries to bring to the audience the idea of hymns, which conveys spiritual and humane teaching and creates a connection between the audience and the musicians. Along with Logos, the ensemble Hortus Musicus, located in the center stage of the festival, plays music.