Concert series “Jazzical” / “Troubadours”

  • Sylvain Rifflet (saxophones, clarinets, shruti-box, France)
    Fred Roudet (trumpet, France)
    Sandrine Marchetti (Harmonium, France)
    Benjamin Flament (percussion, France)

  • Jazz, Classical music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


The winner of the French jazz award Les Victoires du jazz 2016 album Sylvain Rifflet was fascinated by the world of troubadours. He decided to combine the sounds of medieval freiherr-troubadours and modern freiherr-jazz men. Bands playing medieval secular music set an example.

For the concert series “Jazzical” we have chosen a new series of classical music arrangements or performance ensembles with classical performers and instruments. This direction has a delicious and subtle sound image, wittily searching for a balance between jazz and classics and forcing you to think along the way to unusual soundscapes.

In cooperation with the agency Vapaat Äänet

Supported by the French Cultural Institute, AJC, Spedidam, Bureau Export