Concert Series “Love Letters” Irina Zahharenkova (piano) Love Letters are read by Anu Lamp

  • Irina Zahharenkova (piano)
    Love Letters are read by Anu Lamp
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Concert Series “Love Letters”
„Chopin and Georges Sand“

Chopin. Barcarolle in the F-sharp major op. 60, a selection of nocturnes

Irina Zahharenkova is a beloved Estonian pianist whose performance is characterized by personal style, natural musicality and unparalleled approach to piano. When she plays Mozart, it feels like it’s exactly her music; when she plays Chopin, it seems that it is just as elegant and magnificent; when she plays Russian music, she seems to be playing it right into the hearts of the listener. Irina is a great sensor and interpreter of monumental works. The tumultuous passion of Chopin and Sand flared despite their being so contradictory. This relationship intertwined and tore open bonds and hearts. Their letters to each other and to their friends allow us to stay in the 19th century France full of burning emotions.