• SA Eesti Kontsert


    Installation “Love Song”

    What is a Love Song? To whom would you write it? Would it lose its meaning if it were shared with the world?
    The installation is a project initiated by composer Serge Verstock – the main participants are 200 heart-shaped recording devices, where Estonian children have recorded their own “love songs” in the form of a song, a story, or in some other playful way. One room of the Creative Hub is filled with hundreds of tiny heart-shaped devices to enable the audience to share the “love song”. Put your ear against the device and listen to what this song is about.

    Interactive installation: pneumaphone

    Godfried-Willem Raes
    No one had ever heard of the pneumaphone until one skilled handyman named Godfried-Willem Raes decided to combine air cushions and unique musical instruments. There is nothing else more fun than jumping on cushions needed to create music!

    The Pneumaphone is simply a brass band, which can consist of flutes, various strings, sirens, whistles, and many other sound creating things. It makes the air move and vibrate. The movement of air depends on the movement of the air cushions; the pneumaphone has 20 cushions. You are kindly invited to sit, jump, or lay down on the cushions to create unusual music!
    Age: 4+

    Interactive installation:  „Robot Orchestra“

    Trumpet, piano, drum, whistles….
    First, there is silence. Instruments react to movements. They “wake up” when someone enters the room and move themselves. Even the slightest movement makes the sound of music. The instruments stop playing music when the viewers freeze on the spot.
    Come and try to be an orchestra conductor. Even your minor hand gesture will make the orchestra play music!!!
    Age: 5+