Great Gatsby in Word and Music

  • Thursday, 25.11
  • 19:00
  • Pärnu, Pärnu Concert Hall
  • Sofia Rubina Band:
    Jason Hunter (trumpet)
    Jaan Jaanson (guitar)
    Joel Remmel (keyboards)
    Heikko Remmel (bass)
    Ahto Abner (percussion)
    Andrus Vaarik (word)

  • Jazz
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


In front of you is American music from the 1920s and 1950s in all its richness; you will hear scatt, power ballad, swing, soul, and jazz. That is music from the repertoire of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra, Etta James, and Louis Armstrong.

Excerpts from Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby are read by actor Andrus Vaarik.

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