Eesti Kontsert presents: Klassika@Kai

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Eesti Kontsert presents: Klassika@Kai

Sat, 29 August at 6 pm Kai Art Center (Peetri 12, Tallinn)
Percussion Duel
Tanel-Eiko Novikov vs. Lauri Metsvahi
Seiji Kokeguchi (audio design/synthesizer, Sibelius Academy: Music Technology Department)
Anders Eismann (percussion VR simulation, VR Lounge, Art of Gaming)

Beethoven, Reich, Psathas, Ligeti, Ravel

Estonian young percussion virtuosos compete in acoustic and VR simulation instruments. The musicians change instruments and perform unheard-of arrangements from Beethoven all the way to exciting contemporary percussion music.

Sat, 29 August at 7.30 pm Kai Art Center
The Bright Future Ensemble (Sweden-Estonia)
Taavi Kerikmäe (analog synthesizers, electronics)
Anna-Liisa Eller (Estonian harp)
Dan Laurin (recorder / on video)

Anna Paradiso (harpsichord / on video)

Tulve. “Was It Light?” (premiere)
Music from the Middle Ages to the present on acoustic and electronic musical instruments

The Bright Future Ensemble binds together sound colors that have never sounded in this combination before – harpsichord, Estonian harp, recorder, and analog synthesizers.

However, the coronavirus has disrupted the plans of many people and that is why the concert of the Swedish-Estonian ensemble cannot take place as previously planned. Tonight, Swedish musicians Dan Laurin and Anna Paradiso will participate in the world premiere of Helena Tulve’s work in a video and Estonian musicians as live performers.

The rest of the concert will be presented by duo Anna-Liisa Eller / Taavi Kerikmäe.

The duo’s musicians share their passion of early and contemporary music. But can the worlds divided by centuries be connected at all? According to Anna-Liisa and Taavi, it is all about the forest of sounds – a living landscape in which both ancient trees and emerging plants live. Hundred-year-old and one-day-old living beings, thorny, soft, fragrant, scratching, brightly coloured, fragile and intertwined. The sounds interact with us and we interact with sounds.

Sat, 29 August at 9 pm Kai Art Center
Collegium Musicale
Conductor Endrik Üksvärav

choral works by Erkki-Sven Tüür and Pärt Uusberg

The repertoire of Estonian top chamber choir Collegium Musicale extends from renaissance to contemporary music. The special place in the repertoire belongs to the Estonian composers: Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Erkki-Sven Tüür, Helena Tulve, Tõnu Kõrvits, Mirjam Tally, Pärt Uusberg etc. The aim of the choir is to offer high level musical emotions and be the ambassadors of Estonian music.

In collaboration with Tallinn Music Week