David Liebman (saxophone, USA) Kristjan Randalu (piano)

  • David Liebman (saxophone, USA)
    Kristjan Randalu (piano)
    and Aslo Frank Hügle (visual images)


    Programme: Mussorgsky ”Pictures on an Exhibition” in the key of jazz

    The concert features creative and spontaneous music, being created while it is performed. The success and exceptionality of the show largely depends on the synergy of the audience and the performers. In jazz, much more so than in written music, the emotional charge of the moment dictates how far the artist’s brilliance can reach. David Liebman has often been considered the best saxophone player in the world. Having become known already in the early 1970s as a member of Miles Davis’ band, he has, over the decades, won the acclaim of musicians, critics, and the public. In jazz, Kristjan Randalu is silently evocative and crisply honest. Jazz Times compares his music to an exotic land, wandering on untrodden paths. Randalu’s unique style is defined by his independent sound and masterful pianism.