Banchieri. „La pazzia senile“. Hortus Musicus

  • Hortus Musicus , Helen Lokuta (mezzo-soprano, Estonian NO)
    Triin Ella (mezzo-soprano, Estonian NO)
    Hortus Musicus
    Artistic director Andres Mustonen
    Scenery and costumes Riina Vanhanen
  • SA Eesti Kontsert


Adriano Banchieri. „La pazzia senile“

Adriano Banchieri’s 1598 madrigal comedy „La pazzia senile“ features the typical characters of a commedia dell’arte: old merchant Pantalone, talkative doctor Graziano, the not-so-clever servant Burattino, young lovers Doralice and Fulvio, and the domineering Lauretta. The concert-performance is in historically accurate costumes, full of pantomime and dance. A very funny story.