Vanemuise Concert Hall

Vanemuise Concert Hall

Vanemuine Concert Hall was built in 1970 (architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U. Tölpus), and renovated in 1998 (architect A. Kuldkepp). The last extension was ready in 2001.
In addition, the popular concert venue functions as a modern conference centre to meet all contemporary needs. The removable chair system of the hall enables to transform the academic concert atmosphere to suit a pop concert, a jazz club, a ball or banquet room or conference hall.

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  • Events found: 10
    All future events: 176
    T 24. 10

    Concert series “Love Letters”: R.Traksmann, S.Heinoja, A.Lamp


    Programme: W. A. Mozart Andante quasi allegretto in B-flat major KV 15q Rondo in C major KV 373 Piano sonata no 10...

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    W 06. 11

    Monteverdi CD: Hortus Musicus, M.Valdmaa (soprano), J. Kuusik (soprano)


    Monteverdi CD “Lettera Amorosa” - Seventh Book of Madrigal by Claudio Monteverdi” In the autumn of 2019, 400...

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    S 10. 11

    Rock Opera "Nordic Maiden" (“Põhjaneitsi”) in concert

    • Sunday, 10.11
    • 16:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Mikk Tammepõld, Tamar Nugis, Tanel Padar, Nele -Liis Vaiksoo, Kärt Tomingas, Geir Luht, Karel Tohv
      National Opera Estonia Opera Choir female section
      Estonian National Male Choir
      Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
      Conductor Kristjan Järvi
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Music: Raimo Kangro and Andres Valkonen Libretto: Andres Jaaksoo Lyrics: Andres Jaaksoo and Leelo Tungal In the...

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    W 20. 11

    Soleo „Music in Motion“

    • Wednesday, 20.11
    • 12:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Sophie Boucher: body instrument, bass guitar, guitar, voice
      Sébastien LeGuénanff: body instrument, piano, voice
      Julien Vasnier: body instrument, kalimba, voice
      Music: Soleo artists
      Choreography: Thomas Guerry
      Sound: Benoît Chabert d’Hières
      Light: Bérénice Giraud
      Production: Les Entêtés Production
    • Kids
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    A gripping and spirited show of body instruments from France! There are three young artists on the stage who are...

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    W 20. 11

    Concert series "i for an interpreter". Mati Mikalai (piano)


    Programme: Debussy. Piano cycle “Estampes” L.100: I-III Scriabin. Poems Op. 32, Op. 63 and Op. 69 Scriabin....

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    W 27. 11

    "Between Earth and Heaven"

    • Wednesday, 27.11
    • 19:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Mari Jürjens (song, guitar)
      Robert Jürjendal (guitar, live electronics)
      Liis Viira (harp, live electronics)
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    The light between the earth and the heaven just glows and glitters, the luminosity rises, and the wind carries the...

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    F 06. 12

    Concert series “Love Letters”: T.Nugis (baritone), K.Rokashevich (piano), M.Martin (piano), A.Lamp

    • Friday, 06.12
    • 19:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Tamar Nugis (baritone)
      Kristiina Rokashevich (piano)
      Marko Martin (piano)
      Love Letters are read by Anu Lamp
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Concert series “Love Letters” „Robert, Clara, and Johannes“ Programme: Works of Schumann and Brahms for...

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    W 11. 12

    Concert series "i for an interpreter": I.Leivategija (cello), I. Zahharenkova (piano)


    Programme: Webern. Three small pieces ("3 kleine Stücke") for cello and piano Op. 11 Beethoven. Sonata for piano and...

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    S 14. 12

    “Rhapsody in Blue”. Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Wayne Marshall (piano, conductor, USA)


    Programme: Gershwin. Overture “Strike Up the Band”, „Rhapsody in Blue“, Overture “Girl Crazy”, symphonic...

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    S 22. 12

    „Christmas with Nutcracker“


    ARSIS handbell ensembles Ballet artists of Estonian National Opera Unusual artists, sparkling dance numbers,...

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    Vanemuine Concert Hall

    Vanemuine Concert Hall was built in 1970 (architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U....


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    • projection technology: data projector 3500 Ansi LUM; data projector 5500...


    Catering in Vanemuine Concert Hall

    In Vanemuine Concert Hall you can order a table for  food and beverages before...



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