Vanemuise Concert Hall

Vanemuise Concert Hall

Vanemuine Concert Hall was built in 1970 (architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U. Tölpus), and renovated in 1998 (architect A. Kuldkepp). The last extension was ready in 2001.
In addition, the popular concert venue functions as a modern conference centre to meet all contemporary needs. The removable chair system of the hall enables to transform the academic concert atmosphere to suit a pop concert, a jazz club, a ball or banquet room or conference hall.

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    All future events: 80
    F 26. 04

    Cameron Carpenter (organ, USA)


    No concert stage has ever seen an organ virtuoso such as Cameron Carpenter: loaded with praise and controversy,...

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    S 04. 05

    Symphonic Curly Strings

    • Saturday, 04.05
    • 19:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Eeva Talsi (vocal, violin)
      Villu Talsi (vocal, mandolin)
      Jaan Jaago (vocal, guitar)
      Taavet Niller (vocal, double-bass)
      Orchestra ÜENSO
      Conductor Jüri-Ruut Kangur
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Programme of hits by Estonian folk group Curly Strings. "Everybody knows we are a band of fairly limited number of...

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    F 10. 05

    The final concert of the season of Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra


    Programme: Liis Viira. New work for symphony orchestra (premiere) Rolf Martinson. „Ich denke...

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    F 24. 05

    Final concert of the season: Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

    • Friday, 24.05
    • 19:00
    • Tartu , Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra
      Tom Borrow (piano, Israel)
      Also participating: Girl’s Choir Ellerhein (Tallinn Hobby Centre Kullo) in Tallinn and Pärnu
      Tartu University Chamber Choir in Tartu
      Conductor Andres Mustonen
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Programme: Mendelssohn. Concert opening „A Midsummer Night’s Dream“ Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor...

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    Vanemuine Concert Hall

    Vanemuine Concert Hall was built in 1970 (architects A. Volberg, P. Tarvas, U....


    Equipment rental in Vanemuine Concert Hall

    • projection technology: data projector 3500 Ansi LUM; data projector 5500...


    Catering in Vanemuine Concert Hall

    In Vanemuine Concert Hall you can order a table for  food and beverages before...



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    Vanemuise Concert Hall