Jõhvi Concert Hall

Jõhvi Concert Hall

Jõhvi Concert House opened its doors on October 8, 2005 under the management of Aivar Mäe, acting at the time as the Director of Estonian Concert. The architects of the concert house are Ra Luhse and Tanel Tuhal. Linda Madalik created the concert hall’s excellent acoustics.
Cinema Amadeus, Jõhvi City Gallery, Jõhvi Music School, Jõhvi Hobby Centre and Café Noot reside in the building.
Jõhvi Concert House is an excellent choice for organising various events. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions, festive receptions, classical concerts, ballet performances, balls, rock concerts and many more in can be held at Jõhvi Concert Hall. Our customers prefer us because of the comfort we provide, our convenient location, great indoor opportunities, a spacious parking lot and diversity.
The colourful history of Jõhvi Concert Hall dates back to the year 1491, when Jõhvi Manor with its historicist features stood on the spot of the modern Jõhvi Concert House. The manor buildings were surrounded by a spacious park, which can be found next to the concert house even today, reminding us of the former glory of the manor.

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  • Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Tallinn Philharmonic Society House of the Blackheads
    • Creative Hub, Retrosonic Pro Audio sound studio
    • Creative Hub, Atrium Hall
    • St. John's Church in Tallinn
    • Viljandi Baptist Church
    • St. Paul's Church in Tartu
    • Arvo Pärt Center
    • PROTO Invention Factory, Noblessner Foundry
    • Kõpu Church
    • Pöide Church
    • Tallinn City Hall
    • Chamber Hall of Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Assembly Hall of the University of Tartu
    • Chamber Hall of Pärnu Concert Hall
    • Harju Street open-air stage
    • Kadriorg Park Concert Square
    • Rakvere Gymnasium hall
    • Creative Hub, Boiler room
    • Creative Hub, Woodblock Hall/Terrace Hall
    • St. Nicholas' Church
    • Vaba Lava, Telliskivi Creative City
    • Haapsalu Castle Museum Yard
    • Собор Хаапсалу
    • Danish King's Garden
    • Kadriorg Palace Flower Garden
    • Haapsalu Cultural Center
    • Haapsalu Small Castle courtyard
    • Haapsalu Cathedral
    • Haapsalu St. John's Church
    • St. John's Church, St. Petersburg
    • Kai Art Center
    • nõmme vk eng
    • Tallinn Jaani Church
    • Kuressaare St. Lawrence Church
    • Kadriorg Palace
    • Creative Hub, Cauldron Hall
    • Creative Hub, Retrosonic Pro Audio Studio
    • Creative Hub, the midhallway
    • Creative Hub, the Atrium
    • Creative Hub, the end of the Atrium
    • Creative Hub, Small Hall
    • Creative Hub, black box
    • University of Tartu Narva College
    • EAMT Concert Hall
    • Kuressaare Culture Centre
    • Tartu University Hall
    • The Gate Tower
    • Boiler house of the Estonian Mining Museum
    • Kuusalu Church
    • Mihkli Church
    • Kullamaa Church
    • Church of the Redeemer in Nõmme
    • Toila Mereresto
    • Methodist Church
    • „Opera Royal“at Kuressaare Castle Festival Yard
    • Kuressaare Castle Opera House
    • Rakvere Theatre
    • Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Telliskivi Creative Hub
    • Black Hall of Telliskivi Creative City
    • Rock Café
    • Väike-Maarja Clubhouse
    • Viljandi Traditional Music Centre
    • Tallinn Swedish St. Michael's Church
    • Maarjamäe Castle
    • Tallinn Town Hall
    • Great Guild Hall
    • Vaba Lava
    • Outdoor stage of Haapsalu Kuursaal
    • Alexela Concert Hall
    • Tartu St Paul ́s Church
    • Estonian Mining Museum
    • Kaarli Church
    • Nissi Church
    • Kullamaa Church
    • Käsmu Church
    • Jõgeva Cultural Centre
    • Karksi- Nuia Orthodox Church
    • Karksi Peetri Church
    • Tallinn Dome Church
    • Meresuu Spa
    • Toila Park Café
    • Mäetaguse Manor
    • Toila Harbour
    • Purtse Castle
    • Mio Mare restaurant at the Toila Spa hotel
    • Saka Manor
    • Kohtla-Nõmme Mining Museum
    • Kukruse Polar Manor
    • Noorus Spa Hotel
    • Mihkli Church of Jõhvi
    • Sillamäe Culture Centre
    • Valgevilla courtyard in Toila
    • Kohtla-Järve Culture Centre
    • Narva Museum
    • Saka Community Centre
    • Iisaku Church
    • Russian Theatre in Estonia
    • Haapsalu Cultural Centre
    • Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle
    • Läänemaa Gymnasium
    • Uuemõisa Manor
    • Haapsalu Resort Hall
    • Haapsalu Dome Church
    • Paide Music and Theatre House
    • Tartu Raadi airplane hangar
    • Kullamaa Culture House
    • Viljandi Song Square
    • Karksi County Leisure Centre
    • Kanuti Gildi SAAL
    • Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall
    • Kaunas State Philharmonic Hall
    • Klaipeda Concert Hall
    • Kuressaare castle
    • Assembly Hall of Estonian Academy of Sciences
    • House of the Blackheads
    • Kumu Auditorium
    • KUMU auditoorium
    • Kullamaa Cultural house
    • Endla Teatri Jazzklubi
    • Endla Theatre Jazzclub
    • Tallinn Creative Hub
    • Karula Maarja Church
    • Tartu St. Paul’s church
    • Tallinn St. John’s church
    • Kadriorg Palace
    • Tubin Hall of the Heino Eller Tartu Music School
    • Nordea Concert Hall
    • Methodist Church
    • St. John’s Church, Tallinn
    • Valga Culture and Hobby Centre
    • Võru Culture Centre “Kannel”
    • St. John’s Church, Tartu
    • Niguliste Church
    • Narva Castle
    • Studio 1 of Eesti Raadio
    • The guesthouse of Gustav Ernesaks
    • Estonia Concert Hall
    • Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Pärnu Concert Hall
    • Concert Hall "Jaani Kirik"
    • Jõhvi Concert Hall
  • Events found: 7
    All future events: 98
    S 25. 10

    Elina Nechayeva (coloratura soprano), Ralf Taal (piano)


    Programme: Milhaud. Four Songs on Lyrics by Pierre Ronsard, Op. 223 Strauss. Six Songs on Lyrics by Clemens Brentano,...

    Read more
    W 11. 11

    “Reign of Love” / earthly and heavenly love from Monteverdi to Vivaldi

    • Wednesday, 11.11
    • 19:00
    • Jõhvi , Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Hortus Musicus , artistic director Andres Mustonen
      Special guest Maya Amir (mezzo soprano)
      Maria Valdmaa (soprano), Jaanika Kuusik (soprano),
      Iris Oja (mezzo soprano), Anto Õnnis (tenor),
      Tõnis Kaumann (baritone), Riho Ridbeck (bass)

    • Classical music
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Vocal works by composers from the birthplace of baroque music Italy from the 17th-18th century. Opera pioneer...

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    W 25. 11

    "Nomad: Listen to the World!" A journey with a young listener to the sound university

    • Wednesday, 25.11
    • 12:00
    • Jõhvi , Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Estonian Composers' Ensemble (EHA):
      Helena Tulve
      Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes
      Ülo Krigul
      Maria Kõrvits
      Twenty children-sound masters
    • Kids
    • More information


    The main characters of this musical journey are seemingly unrelated everyday objects: crystal bowls, drinking glasses,...

    Read more
    F 27. 11


    DIRECT FROM THE UK! After a great success in Tallinn at the beginning of 2020 Majesty - The Ultimate Tribute To...

    Read more
    T 10. 12

    Entel-tentel 50

    • Thursday, 10.12
    • 12:00
    • Jõhvi , Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Choirs of Estonian Radio Children's Song Studio
      Conductors Kadri Hunt, Kaie Tanner
      St. Michael's Boys' Choir Preparatory Choir (in Tallinn and Tartu)
      Conductors Imbi Laas and Jana Perens
      VHK String Orchestra
      Conductor Rasmus Puur
      Arrangements Jaak Jürisson ja Kadri Hunt
      Choreographer: Märt Agu
      Presenter: Tõnu Oja
    • Kids, Estrade
    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    A programme of songs from the well-known children’s TV program "Entel-tentel", offering the joy of recognition for...

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    T 17. 12

    ARSISe jõulukontsert


    Arsise kellade ansambli jõuluturneed said alguse juba 1993. aastal, mil võeti ette esimene pikem tuur läbi Eestimaa....

    Read more
    W 30. 12

    New Year’s concert "Reflections of a flat ground"

    • Wednesday, 30.12
    • 19:00
    • Jõhvi , Jõhvi Concert Hall
    • Tallinn Chamber Orchestra
      Linda-Anette Verte (violin)
      Leho Karin (cello)
      Conductor Rasmus Puur
    • Classical music
    • More information


    Programme: Pärt, Tüür, Tormis, Kõrvits, Kreek, Saar The concert paints a musical watercolor of Estonian nature...

    Read more



    Jõhvi Concert Hall

    The colourful history of Jõhvi Concert Hall dates back to the year 1491, when...


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    The cafe is open Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00 and one hour after the...


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    It is possible to organise exhibitions in Jõhvi Concert House all year round....



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