Estonia Concert Hall

Estonia Concert Hall

This neoclassical imposing building (architects A. Lindgren / W. Lönn, 1913, reconstructed 1947) is a symbol of Estonia’s political and cultural power. Traditionally, the most festive events are held here, including receptions of Estonian President and New Years Eve celebrations.

No other hall in Estonia can compete with Estonia Concert Hall in combining history with flexibility and beauty with adaptability. The Hall promotes its own Concert Season of prestigious visiting artists as well as being home to the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.
Some of our quests so far:
Steve Reich and AVANTI! Chamber Orchestra, The King`s Singers, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Singers, Barbara Hendricks, Freddy Cole Quartet, Angela Hewitt, Latvian National Opera, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Gavin Bryars Ensemble, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Musica Antiqua Köln, Performers of Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Ensemble Modern, Juilliard String Quartet, Chanticleer, Kronos Quartet, Gidon Kremer, Cyprien Katsaris, Midori, Kimmo Pohjonen, Giuliano Carmignola, London Symphony Orchestra and Valeri Gergijev, Frankfurdi Raadio Sümfooniaorkester and many other wonderful musicians.

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    • Purtse Castle
    • Mio Mare restaurant at the Toila Spa hotel
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    • Kukruse Polar Manor
    • Noorus Spa Hotel
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    • Sillamäe Culture Centre
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    • Endla Theatre Jazzclub
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    • Tartu St. Paul’s church
    • Tallinn St. John’s church
    • Kadriorg Palace
    • Nordea Concert Hall
    • Tubin Hall of the Heino Eller Tartu Music School
    • Methodist Church
    • St. John’s Church, Tallinn
    • Valga Culture and Hobby Centre
    • Võru Culture Centre “Kannel”
    • St. John’s Church, Tartu
    • Narva Castle
    • Niguliste Church
    • Studio 1 of Eesti Raadio
    • The guesthouse of Gustav Ernesaks
    • Estonia Concert Hall
    • Vanemuise Concert Hall
    • Pärnu Concert Hall
    • Concert Hall "Jaani Kirik"
    • Jõhvi Concert Hall
  • Events found: 7
    All future events: 52
    T 07. 04

    Concert series "i for interpreter" Mati Turi (tenor) Martti Raide (piano) CANCELLED!


    “Tribute to Georg Ots” Programme: Tamberg, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, A. Kapp, Saar In cooperation with...

    Read more
    W 15. 04

    Concert series „Matinee“ Chamber Choir Encore, conductor Karin Kuulpak


    "It's nice to live here" Choir music from the age of awakening - Miina Härma, August Kunileid, Friedrich Saebelmann...

    Read more
    T 23. 04

    "For ever and ever" Rein Rannap (piano)


    Presentation concerts of Rannap's new piano album "For ever and ever". Rannap - a unique and original composer and...

    Read more
    T 05. 05

    Concert series "i for interpreter" Age Juurikas (piano)


    Programme: Prokofiev. Sonatine Pastorale in C Major Op. 59/3 Pärt. Sonatine no 2 Op.1 Tubin. Sonatine Beethoven....

    Read more
    W 06. 05


    By this day, the Estonian music landscape will already be richer by the fifth season of classical stars. A varied and...

    Read more
    W 27. 05

    Hall Sten Lassmann (piano)


    Programme: Bach. Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor BWV 903 Brahms. Variations on a Theme by Paganini Op. 35...

    Read more
    S 31. 05

    Final concert of the season. Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Gustavo Gimeno

    • Sunday, 31.05
    • 16:00
    • Tallinn , Estonia Concert Hall
    • Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra
      Soloist Patricia Kopatchinskaya (violin)
      Conductor Gustavo Gimeno

    • SA Eesti Kontsert
    • More information


    Programme: Shostakovich. Violin Concerto No 1 Bruckner. Symphony No. 4 The dignified end of the season! The...

    Read more


    Estonia Concert Hall

    Estonia Concert Hall was designed and constructed as part of the Estonia...


    Catering in Estonian Concert Hall

    Concert guests can pre-order our services both for the pre-concert time as well...



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