School concerts 2020/21


Concerts take place on working days; their duration is 45 minutes (one school lesson). Generally, we perform three concerts per day. We ask local organisers to first consult other schools in the area on concert orders and then submit an order together (three concerts). This way, your order will be fulfilled much faster.

Eesti Kontsert will cover all transport costs and ensures performance fees for performers. Depending on the number of performers and the technical requirements, concerts have different prices. The prices of concerts can be found at the end of each programme’s introduction (all prices include VAT). You can pay for the concerts with a bank transfer on the basis of an invoice issued by us.

We wish to have a contact person for each concert, who is responsible for the local organisation of the concert and for welcoming the musicians. To ensure a successful concert, we recommend preparing children for the concert (introduction of the performers, the type of music to be performed, concert etiquette, etc.).

Please submit your orders by phone or via e-mail two months before the concert, if possible (an order for three concerts can be fulfilled with a shorter notice). We will do our best to perform the concert at a time that suits you.

Producer-editor of the school concerts of Eesti Kontsert
Ordering concerts: Ülle Lehtmäe 737 7546, 513 9427, 501 2926


Thank you for the concert! Our students even came to me afterwards to clarify the name of Brassers. Feedback was very positive. The students loved the concert and said that it was the best part of the reception. In the 13 years that I have worked here, I do not remember the audience giving a standing ovation. We were given an excellent, positive musical experience. My soul wanted to sing along.

The Irish music concert at the Pärnu Kuninga Street Basic School was performed to a full auditorium and made everyone happy. It has been a long time since I heard this much positive feedback to a concert. The performers were nice and friendly. The story that they told spoke to both younger and older children and was educational and enlightening. The children listened quietly and really felt the music. An excellent sound engineering solution! After the performance, the performers had a meal in our school canteen and then left for the next school.