The singers of the Estonian National Male Choir (until 1989, the State Academic Male Choir) are also well-known ensemblists.
The choir’s quartets RAM-1, RAM-3, RAM-4, RAM-5, youth quartet, RAM double quartet, etc, have become legendary in their own right.

Currently, there are two ensembles within the choir: Kuninglik Kvintett (Royal Quintet)  and Improloo.

Kuninglik Kvintett (Royal Quintet)

was founded in autumn 1991. P.E.H.K Projekt, the original name of the ensemble, was derived directly from the name of Erki Pehk, a founding member and the leader of the ensemble. He made most of the arrangements used in the early days of the ensemble. When its fans realised that the freshly founded ensemble had a strong liking for the performing style as well as the repertoire of King’s Singers, they dubbed it the Royal Quintet. The membership of the ensemble has gone though several changes during its active years. Andres Alamaa is the only founding member who is still active in the ensemble, with baritone Meelis Hainsoo being another veteran member. For years, Urmas Põldmaa acted as the leading tenor, and Raul Mikson and Mareks Lobe won many admirers as second tenor and baritone, respectively. Since January 2005, the Royal Quintet includes Andres Heinapuu as the first tenor, Erkki Targo as the second tenor, Meelis Hainsoo as the first baritone, Mait Männik as the second baritone and Andres Alamaa as the bass. Given the main jobs of the four men named last, the quintet can be regarded as an ensemble of RAM.
The repertoire of the Royal Quintet is quite wide-ranging: besides arrangements made by Erki Pehk, the repertoire features works by a variety of composers, with its style ranging from Gregorian music to songs by the Beatles. The ensemble has been invited to balls, receptions, weddings, corporate functions and public concerts, it has performed in concert halls, school houses, community centres, hospitals, care homes, churches and on cruise ships. The highlights of the recent period are the concerts series in Estonian care homes organised by Estonian Concert and Swedbank (then Hansapank) in spring 2006 and the series of Women’s Day concerts in the concert halls of Estonian Concert in spring 2009. The name of the Royal Quintet is featured on two CDs: a collection of Christmas carols titled Christmas Carols, released in 1995, and a collection of Estonian film music titled Siin me oleme (2000), recorded in collaboration with the Police Orchestra.

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was founded in October 2002. All the members of the vocal quartet work as professional singers in the Estonian National Male Choir. The group focuses on exploring the timbres and potential of human voice as a unique instrument. None of the improvisations at concerts are based on composed music – they are spontaneous and born there on the stage.
The ensemble consists of Priit Lehto, Rene Keldo, Aare Kruusimäe and Juss Tamm.

Contact: Priit Lehto, priitlehto@gmail.com , mob 56200572